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BusyMed aims to identify the needs of both client and pharmacist. Ensure that clients receive reliable and professional help and information from certified pharmacists

Online Payment

We provide ease and convenience for both you and your clients. 

Our payment gateway is secure, and offers real-time payment options. 

Fast Delivery

Our aim is to delivery each order within 1-hour from payments.

From the pharmacy to your home in 60 minutes

Great Service

To provide delivery services of the highest quality and ensure professional help is available for those who turn to BusyMed for assistance.

We Help You Make The Journey Easier.

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We make store activation budgets available to make sure that educating customers of the convenient service now available to them from their local pharmacy isn’t only external (e.g. billboard) but internal too (incentive such as offering free delivery for all customers for a full week or including free gifts with every order for the pharmacy customer)

Our Dashboard

Our easy to use web based back end system allows pharmacies to manage and action incoming prescription, front shop, and OTC orders.
It also allows them to to access all of their data analytics!


We provide the pharmacy with a monthly budget of R1000 to use on marketing material of their choice (banners, pamphlets, apparel, etc.) that can assist them in improving their sales as well as incentivize their customers. 


Our App

The Busymed App enables customers to make use of a diverse array of functionality such as secure consultations, real-time stock availability and easy ordering of products (front-shop, prescription & OTC). A pharmacy in your pocket, on-demand.


What Benefits Can Busymed Add
To Your Pharmacy?


Before onboarding your pharmacy, we offer each of our new clients a FREE trial for 30* days.

Premium Package

BusyMed App Benefits For Pharmacist:

  • Private chat facility where the pharmacist can make recommendations on a basket of products related to the patients ailment.

  • Option to verify the script by means of a photograph.

  • Receive immediate payment for all transactions using a secure payment gateway

  • Manage deliveries and drivers with an easy to use dashboard.

BusyMed App Benefits For Patients:

  • Private chat facility where the patient can ask questions related to their ailment or script.

  • Upload a photograph of their script for the pharmacist to read and give advice.

  • See images of frontshop items.

  • Order OTC lines

  • Search for products by ailment.

  • Have the order delivered or collect themselves from the pharmacy.

  • Pay for the order using a secure payment gateway

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R1499.99 per month (excl. VAT)

For the comprehensive BusyMed users.


DOS Package


Delivery Outsourced Services (DOS):

If you do not have access to your own private delivery drivers, we offer the DOS, is a web-based platform, giving the pharmacy access to; 

  • an order management system, that will not interfere with your current dispensing system.

  • a payment gateway, ensuring instant payments can be made by consumers and received by the pharmacy

  • access to drivers, Mon - Sun, 9am - 9pm 

R799.99 per month (excl. VAT)

Benefits Of DOS: 

  • No maintenance cost on a vehicle

  • No storage problems for the vehicle

  • Only use a driver when you need one, you don’t have staff hanging around doing nothing.

  • Orders delivered within 1 hour of the order being placed, meaning the parcel is “out of your hair” rather sooner than later.

  • Payment is received immediately, no packing of parcels that sit on shelves for days without being collected.

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License and make use of the BusyMed technology.