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Privacy Policy

  1. BusyMed is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of both the BusyMed Pharmacy and Busy App Users (“the BusyMed Users”), accessing and utilising the BusyMed Pharmacy Dashboard and / or the BusyMed App, respectively, (“the BusyMed Platforms).

  2. On registration the BusyMed User will be required to provide BusyMed with personal information which BusyMed will use in accordance with this Privacy Policy, and includes but is not limited to –

    1. Full Name and Surname;

    2. Date of Birth;

    3. Identity Number;

    4. Physical Address;

    5. Gender;

    6. Email Address;

    7. Mobile Number; and

    8. Medical Aid Details.

  3. The BusyMed Users will be able to access their personal information at any time to view and / or update any changes thereto.

  4. The BusyMed User may choose to provide additional personal information to BusyMed and in so doing undertakes to provide accurate and current information, and furthermore undertakes not to impersonate or misrepresent any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent the affiliation with anyone or anything.

  5. All personal information uploaded onto the BusyMed Platforms are stored on a secure server, which server is capable of encrypting all personal information of the BusyMed Users in order to minimise the risk of unauthorised disclosure or interception.

  6. BusyMed will not use, disclose or sell your personal information to third parties without your express consent unless we are compelled to do so by law, other than for the reasons below:

    1. Use of personal information for order processing, sale and delivery of pharmacy products, contact and / or inform the BusyMed User of new pharmacy products, special offers and promotional offerings by BusyMed or its affiliates, and improving BusyMed processes and the BusyMed User’s browsing and purchasing experience; and

    2. Disclosure of personal information to BusyMed employees and its affiliates and service providers, whom BusyMed will ensure are legally bound to its confidentiality obligations in terms of this Privacy Policy.

  7. Whilst all reasonable efforts are taken to ensure that the BusyMed User’s personal information is protected, BusyMed cannot guarantee the absolute security of any information the BusyMed User exchanges, or discloses to any third-party linked to the BusyMed Platforms, and therefore will not be held liable for any unauthorised or unlawful disclosures of the BusyMed User’s personal information whilst in BusyMed’s possession, made by third parties who are not subject to BusyMed’s control, unless such disclosure is as a result of BusyMed’s gross negligence.

  8. The BusyMed User is encouraged to read the privacy policy of any third party so as to ensure that their privacy rights are adequately protected.

  9. Unregistered visitors to the BusyMed Platforms will not need to supply their personal information however, the visitor’s device information, excluding distinguishing information such as an email address, will be collected. The device information is collected and aggregated to track and measure aspects of the BusyMed Platform activity for improvement of processes and of content loaded.

  10. Ratings and reviews made by BusyMed Users on the BusyMed Platforms will become the property of BusyMed and the BusyMed Users consent to the use thereof by BusyMed for commercial purposes or otherwise. Should the BusyMed Users not wish for BusyMed to use their rating and review information, in any way, then the rating and review facility provided on the BusyMed Platforms should not be utilised.

  11. BusyMed places high importance on the security of your personal information and therefore has implemented best practice security measures, which include organisational and technical measures, to keep your personal information secure and protected.

  12. Should BusyMed become aware of any unauthorised use, disclosure or processing of your personal information, you will be notified, via email, with immediate effect.

  13. Upon reasonable notice and request BusyMed will provide the BusyMed User with reasonable evidence of its compliance of its obligations under this Privacy Policy.

  14. The BusyMed Platforms make use of “cookies” and web server logs to collect data and information and about how these platforms are used, including the date and time of visits, the screens viewed, and time spent on the platforms.

  15. “Cookies” is a term describing a packet of data that a computer receives from the BusyMed platforms, and stores in a file located inside its web browser. The collected data is then sent back to BusyMed without changing or altering it. This functionality assists BusyMed to track usage behaviour and activity.

  16. The BusyMed Platforms will enable BusyMed Users to either accept or reject the “cookie” feature. The BusyMed User will be deemed to have given their consent to make use of any personal information obtained via the “cookie” feature should they not reject the “cookie” feature

  17. During the course of the BusyMed Users engagement on the platforms, BusyMed may request the BusyMed User to provide certain information by completing and submitting a form. Participation in these activities is at the sole discretion of the BusyMed User.

  18. The Busymed App Users’ details will be stored by BusyMed who will keep these details separate from cards details entered by the BusyMed App User on the DPO PayGate’s secure

  19. BusyMed Users may elect to opt-out of any direct marketing received from BusyMed and any of its affiliates, at any stage, by changing their notification settings on the BusyMed Platforms.

  20. BusyMed will not retain the BusyMed Users personal information longer than necessary, or as required by law to do so, and upon the request from the BusyMed Users, BusyMed will return or destroy any and all of the Busymed Users personal information in its possession, except for what the law requires it to retain.

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