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It’s 2022. Why Should YOU Study Pharmacy? Here Are 7 Reasons

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

The pharmaceutical industry has been growing for many years, attracting many students who enjoy Chemistry and want to help people stay healthy. In 2022, is it worth it to become a pharmacist?

1. Get to know people directly

A Pharmacy degree is an excellent choice if you are good with people. Interacting with all kinds of people who share their problems in detail enables you to offer them the right advice and treatment.

It is essential that you listen actively and show empathy. Working as a pharmacist will fulfil your need for human interaction if this is important to you.

2. Maintain The Health Of People

Despite its obvious nature, it's easy to overlook that pharmacists are an essential part of healthcare systems. In addition to prescription drugs, pharmacists provide over-the-counter (OTC) drugs to keep people healthy. Some pharmacists even use a small laboratory within the pharmacy or drug store to prepare medicine on the spot.

Pharmacists also perform a wide range of duties. In a hospital setting, you might decide the right dosage for certain prescriptions if you work with other doctors. As a pharmacist in a smaller community, you may be able to fulfil other roles, such as vaccinating people and informing them about the latest medical issues.

The pharmacist must also pay close attention to the patient's medical history and the drugs they are selling. Adverse reactions can be severe for some people, which can put their lives at risk. Adverse reactions can also occur when different types of medicines are combined.

3. The Demand For Pharmacists Is High

You probably already know that pharmacies or drug stores can be found everywhere, whether you live in a smaller city or in the capital. It is impossible to walk for long without running into one. This shows how much demand there is for pharmacists and medicine.

Salary is also something you should not overlook. In South Africa, a pharmacist earns an average salary of R481,441 per year.

4. Flexible Working Hours

Pharmacy professionals have an easier schedule than doctors or nurses. Because they don't usually deal with emergencies, they are able to:

  • Work in shifts

  • Work part-time

  • Work and continue to study

Stress is also minimal. Yes, some patients may be more demanding than others. However, you do not have to carry out major surgeries or make life-and-death decisions at the end of the day. Just prescribing the right medication and giving advice on how to use it safely is enough.

5. Obtain Affordable Pharmacy Degrees

The cost of Pharmacy degrees is generally lower than that of other medical degrees. Although not

all Pharmacy courses are cheap, one can easily find Bachelors and Masters in Pharmacy at affordable prices.

6. Obtaining A Pharmacy Degree Online Is More Convenient Than Ever

Pharmacy is also a great option if you live anywhere in the world and would like to study it. Pharmacy degrees online remove the physical barrier between students and universities, and you can earn an international diploma in the comfort of your home.

Masters in Pharmacy programs are especially popular among pharmacists seeking to advance their careers. Nonetheless, an online Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy is worth considering, especially during the current Coronavirus epidemic.

7. Pharmacy Specialisations Are Plentiful

There is no limit to the types of degrees you can earn in Pharmacy. You can specialize in the following areas:

  • Community Pharmacy

  • Clinical Pharmacy

  • Research Pharmacy

  • Pharmacy Administration

  • Addiction Pharmacy

Do you feel comfortable dispensing drugs, prescribing the best medicines, and providing people with medical advice?

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