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How To Prepare Your Body For Autumn

Updated: Apr 12

We may have been fooled by the hot autumn nights into thinking summer would last forever. All good things must come to an end, and now is the perfect time to prepare our bodies for the upcoming colder months.

Eastern medicine considers autumn to be the end of summer's extroverted yang energy and the beginning of yin energy.

As the temperature drops, it is a great time to consider a detox to get rid of toxins, rebalance our internal systems, and boost our immunity, says Dr Vishal Sharma from the Ayurvedic Wellness Centre in Sydney.

Summer brings slightly warmer temperatures and greater flexibility in the body than any other season.
When it's hot, our bodies sweat a lot, which drains them of water and salt. As a result, toxins are also concentrated within the body, and without water to dilute and keep the body in balance, health problems may arise.

In this sense, early autumn is the ideal time for the body to detoxify and to achieve rejuvenation. In the same way that we prepare our minds for the day each morning, we should make sure that our bodies are prepared for the months and years ahead, says Dr Sharma.

Here are six ways you can prepare your mind and body for autumn:

1. According to Dr Sharma, in order to rid the body of summer heat (pitta), you should avoid caffeine, alcohol, spicy foods such as cayenne pepper and chilli, as well as excessive amounts of salt and refined sugar.

2. In the winter, swap out your green smoothie for quinoa porridge or another warming grain. Cold and raw foods can cause dampness in the body, which can cause mucus to form.

3. Taking a cue from the trees, it's time to wind down and shed the frenetic pace of summer and return to more simple, grounding routines in autumn.

4. Exfoliating your body with a dry brush will help exfoliate the dry skin of summer and allow you to better absorb moisturizer.

5. Start your mornings with a self-massage using sesame or coconut oil from your toes to your head. This will stimulate lymphatic drainage and keep your skin hydrated during the dry, windy season.

6. Take advantage of the cooler weather and start slow cooking. Replace summer salads with steamed greens, root vegetables, whole grains, sweet curries, and energy-dense stews. If you have any left over, bring it to work for lunch the next day.

For more tips and tricks to prepare yourself for the upcoming autumn season, stay tuned!

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