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Who is BusyMed?

We are a business on a mission to improve access to your local healthcare services in an affordable and efficient way.

Partnering with key healthcare service providers and businesses in medicine, financial services and healthcare, we believe that quality, affordable healthcare can be available to everyone, no matter where they live or how much they earn.

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Our Solution

BusyMed currently enables pharmacies to transform their business into an on- demand healthcare service in their communities. This means that independent pharmacies can become more accessible than ever to their patients without compromising the regulated pharmacy process.

Our BusyMed app is designed with the patient in mind, enabling patients around the country to engage with an independent pharmacy of their choice, consult securely with a registered
pharmacist and order from a variety of pharmacy products from medication to shampoos.

BusyMed is compliant with HSCPA Good Standards of Practice and POPIA data regulations to insure secure handling of your healthcare data.

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