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Become a Driver

Become a healthcare hero by joining the BusyMed Driver team to assist in getting pharmacy parcels to patients around South Africa.

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Join our excellent Driver Team

As a BusyMed delivery driver, you are more than just a delivery driver, you are
an essential healthcare hero who enables patients in every city, suburb, township or rural
community to gain access to medication that can save lives.

Our Last Mile Delivery Management team ensures you have:

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Relievable Delivery Management App

Manage delivery requests through a reliable Delivery Management App that ensures you have access to all delivery requests, accurate delivery locations and full support from our management team in case anything goes wrong.

Reasonable Travel Distances 

Our commitment is to ensure parcels arrive to patients within 60 minutes. To achieve this, you will receive orders that are within a 5km radius of the pharmacy and if they are not, earn more for the distance travelled.

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Competitive Delivery Rates

Earn between R20 to R70 per delivery completed, and if it couldn’t be completed, you’ll still earn your delivery fee and can simply return the parcel to the pharmacy for later delivery.

Car or Bike, You Choose

As a BusyMed Driver, you can use your vehicle to earn, whether it’s a motorcycle or car. 

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Our partnered pharmacies and Last Mile Delivery Management team is there to support you with all the information and resources you will need to ensure a comfortable delivery process.

What are you waiting for, apply today become a healthcare hero

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