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Pick a Store, Consult Securely,

Build your Basket, Pay, Delivered in 60 minutes

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Sick and in need of help?

Get your medication or health supplies delivered to your door.

BusyMed offers you a convenient service for when you’re feeling under the weather.

With our quick and easy to use mobile app, there’s no need to stand in long queues at the pharmacy. You can get your prescription, over-the-counter and front-shop products, including your favourite health supplement and homeopathic products, delivered in 60 minutes! 

Less hassle. More time for recovery.

Thousands of orders have been delivered fast and safely.

Feeling groggy and can’t be bothered to use our app or standing in long lines? No worries!

BusyMed makes it easy for pharmacies to create the order for you and deliver within 60
minutes. Simply contact your local independent pharmacy and ask them to create a
Busymed order for you, we’ll sort out the rest. 

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Pick your local independent pharmacy

We have a variety of independent pharmacies for you to connect to. Independent pharmacies have been in your neighbourhood for decades and have an incredible variety of products available. Order from a variety of medication (prescription & over-the-counter), health supplements and everyday use products such as toiletries and household detergents. 

Consult securely 

Your privacy is important to us. BusyMed offers a safe environment instant message feature for you to consult with a registered pharmacist. The pharmacist can recommend products for your symptoms and build a basket for you, making it easy to check
out quickly and await delivery.


Build your basket

The BusyMed App enables you to purchase every available product you will find in your local independent pharmacy. Check product pricing instantly and whether or not it is available in stock.

Safe and secure online payments via the app

BusyMed enables fast and secure online payments directly to your chosen independent pharmacy. Gone are the days of sending proof of payments. Through partnered and verified third-party payment gateway providers, you can securely pay online and insure
a quick and hassle-free ordering process.

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Delivered in 60 minutes

From the moment your order is confirmed by your chosen independent pharmacy, the clock starts ticking. We aim to get your order to your chosen location securely within 60 minutes.

Partner with us

BusyMed is a service focused on supporting independent pharmacies and
delivery drivers with the technology and services needed to serve their communities with all
their pharmacy needs in a compliant, affordable and efficient way.

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Become a listed pharmacy

List your pharmacy on BusyMed and service your patients in a convenient and efficient way. We assist pharmacies to become accessible to everyone using technology, to increase awareness of their pharmacies, increase sales and reduce operational costs in a
compliant and secure way, so you can continue being a healthcare hero in your community.

Become a BusyMed driver

BusyMed aims to bridge the gap between pharmacies and patients, but we need your help to do that. Your local independent pharmacy needs your services to collect and deliver patient parcels to their homes as fast as possible. BusyMed offers competitive delivery rates, so ensure your effort is compensated accordingly.

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